National Energy Central will implement Blockchain

With this technology the CNE looks to increase trust levels of their citizens in general, in addition to simplifying their processes and the transparency of information to all the Chileans.

Banda Activa, the NFC wristband that will change the life of older adults in Chile.

A wristband that uses NGC technology (Near Field Communication), it doesn’t need to recharge and its water resistant.

Why should companies stop being afraid of the cloud?

Small and middle-sized companies are more than 60 percent of business in Chile, this means that a lot of money goes through these companies.

Why the digital transformation in Chile it’s much more than automation.

Looks like whoever hasn’t heard this term, has already missed the train leading…

Young Chilean created an artificial intelligence and was contacted by Google

Born in Ovalle, in central Chile, this 11 years old genius excel in different…