Ranked 7th Digital Nation in the world

Chile ranks 7th in the world according to Tholons Digital Nations Ranking, and is considered to be a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. It boasts an innovative and enterprising digital ecosystem which includes one of the world’s top 10 most successful business accelerator programs.

Regional talent magnet

Chile is recognized as having the best programmers in Latin America, and is constantly attracting top globally-minded professional talent. In fact, between 2005 and 2016, applications for temporary employment visas rose 381%.

1st in connectivity and tech infrastructure in Latin America

3G mobile and 4G LTE networks are available in over 90% of the country, a plethora of optical fiber and a significant amount of cloud strategy implementations.

Latin America's gateway to the world and region's hub

A solid economic foundation makes Chile the OECD’s highest ranked Latin American economy. Furthermore, Chile is globally connected with 26 international agreements, treaties with 64 markets regarding double taxation, and special trade tariffs that amount to 86% of global GDP.

Pioneer in digital government

In Chile, 100% of taxes are paid digitally and/or from cell phones. In fact, people and businesses obtain legal certificates and send invoices online, carrying the same legal value as physical documents.

Digitalized banking industry

The digitalized banking industry allows 96% of the Chilean population to e-pay. In Chile, the majority of monetary transactions are done online via e-banking, regardless of transaction amounts.

Digitally integrated healthcare system

The biometric national system allows Chileans to use fingerprint identification at hospitals. This innovative way of securing centralized information actually lowers the costs and transaction times for health insurance, while allowing a more user-friendly, transparent health-care system.

Optical fiber project to connect Chile to China

With the construction of this transpacific cable, Chile would become the digital gateway between Latin America and Asia.

Chile's already known strengths

These facts, in addition to Chile’s known strengths, like its strong institutions, high transparency, low corruption rates, economic stability, and cultural and time zone alignment, makes Chile a great choice for your next partner.